Dental Crowns And Bridges

When a tooth becomes damaged, it may require a crown or filling. You may also require a crown or bridge if your teeth have large, black amalgam fillings that have cracked and need to be repaired.  Fillings can help fill holes created by cavities and can also help to fix teeth that have become cracked by a previous filling.  Your teeth may require a bridge if a tooth is missing.

Unlike fillings, crowns act as covers for your teeth and are meant to behave like your other teeth. Crowns can be shaped to match your bite pattern and tooth shape.

While it is a bad idea to place a crown for purely visual reasons, it is the ideal solution when it serves another purpose, such as replacing damaged teeth structure. The bonding material and cement that we utilize are the highest quality and can help to restore your teeth’s original strength.

Crowns come in metal, ceramic or porcelain and have different advantages.  Our dentist will decide which will best benefit you by determining how strong of a framework is needed for you.

To put a crown on, your tooth must be reshaped in order to provide the best fit. The tooth is drilled down to fit your crown base. This provides stability that prevents your crown from coming off in the future. The crown is then cemented to your original tooth.

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