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When a patient has missing or severely broken teeth, dental implants are a good way to replace what’s been lost.  Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed (non-removable) like your natural teeth and require the same amount of care as regular teeth.

Implants are also less damaging because they don’t require neighboring teeth to be ground down like a fixed bridge tooth replacement.  Since implants are fixed restorations, tasks like eating and talking are easier compared to wearing removable dentures.

Implants replace the missing tooth, leaving gum and bony tissue intact and often allow easier access between teeth for cleaning purposes.

Dr. David Fulton, Jr.

Dr. Fulton, Jr. spent the first 27 years of practice in partnership with his father, David Sr. In 2014, Fulton and Fulton, D.D.S. transitioned into Fulton Family Dental Ltd. with the retirement of Dr. Fulton, Sr.

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